Monday, February 25, 2013

The Vyrmn "Herald" album project...

...And what "might have been".

        The original idea I had for the entire Vyrmn project itself was to create and record only EP's worth of material at any one time, thus, keeping the ideas fresh and "interesting". At least to me. By the time I had written and recorded the initial two songs for the 'Herald' project, and was at the half-way mark with 2 or 3 others, I decided that this particular collection of new songs ( "Herald", "Falling Blades...", "Millennial Serpents" ) the utter doom worship piece, "Conquered", that was finally completed after years (and I mean YEARS...) of being snippets and riffs only, and the inclusion of an entirely reworked version of one of my oldest songs, "This Abstracted Aeon" was, like it or not, AT LEAST an "Album's Worth" of material, by anyone's standards.
        The recording process went very slowly as it was my 1st ever project using both 7 and 5 stringed instruments, as well as a new recording platform, Abelton Live 8, and utilizing the Line 6 Guitar Rig/KB37. 
        Upon completion and recording of the instrumental tracks, I spent some time considering my options for vocals, and the steps that would be necessary to complete this final part of the project. While the recording of the instrumental pieces were possible to do out of my home studio thanks to the magic of my Sennheiser studio headphones, screaming, barking, and gurgling (pretty much the extent and range of my "Vocal Capabilities" ) while sharing a very thin wall with my already very understanding, if not slightly amused/scared neighbors, was not. As in NOT. Like...NOT AT ALL. So, plans were made, schedules were "re-arranged", and I was to use my good friend and nearly life-long musical compatriot, Jack Aragon's private studio to vomit forth (but in an "artistic" manner, thank you...) and commit my voice and lyrics to the already recorded material. And then...
       Nothing. As in nada. I had an almost impossible time with the lyrics, completing only snippets and one song, "Conquered", entirely before my opportunity to use the studio time quickly approached, and was then...gone.
       I have been asked on occasion if I would ever re-visit and complete this particular project, and although I do still very, very much like and enjoy the bulk of this material, the answer would now and forever be, quite simply... "No". No one, myself included, can really have any idea what a new Vyrmn project would sound like. I would like to think that in writing and recording the "Herald" material, I have learned many things that will endure no matter what the future project itself my be. I learned so much during the entire "Herald"...process that any future endeavors, either under the Vyrmn banner, or something completely new and different, will no doubt benefit greatly, from the colossal failures and small successes of this particular project.
      ...And with this being said, I do hope that you will enjoy this material. Such as it is...

Robert Ashley III - Vyrmn

Track Listing - Vyrmn - "Herald"

1. Herald
2. Falling Blades From Poisoned Skies
3. Carrion*
4. Conquered
5. Millennial Serpents
6. This Abstracted Aeon
7. And Thus Defined

*Outro/Lead Guitar/ Rock-N-Roll Freak-out - Kirk J Schneider
Recorded 2009/2010 - Kommand Central - Albuquerque NM by R. Ashley III
All music/concepts RADII as Vyrmn

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