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Vyrmn - [2012] Review

Vyrmn - "[2012]" Review
From Black Belle Music
Copywrite 2008 BlackMetalJim
Written By Jamie Goforth

VYRMN-[2012]The one man New Mexico based black metal entity that is Vyrmn (formerly known under the moniker of Descending) could easily teach some of the young upstarts blundering blindly into the scene a few handy lessons on how to craft a memorable song.Where these newcomers fail is in their misguided attempts to come over supremely evil and as infinitely black as they think they can possibly be with only rudimentary knowledge of the genre they are toying with.

Older and wiser and with a far better grasp on the skill of song writing than those who sacrifice substance and depth for speed or a blatant attempt to mimic the rage of the forefather, Vyrmn AKA Robert Ashley III makes for compelling listening with the demo release [2012].Just short of half an hour long and composed of five tracks of diversity this foundational opus has the genre of black metal nestled deep within its core whilst surrounding this with layers of progressive and industrial.Futuristic, apocalyptic and curiously melodic and dissonant at the same time Vyrmns [2012] is a grand vision for a first up demo.

The odyssey begins with 'Time/Space (Per)version' and its assortment of chilly tremolo phrasings and vocal techniques.Thought provoking lyrics are dealt out in a style which though chiefly a prime recognisable black metal cadence often morph into deeper utterances occasionally booming eerily resonantly. And the music is delivered in long loping lines akin to Old Mans Child.Captivating lead breaks skitter over a platform of galloping percussion and some barbed riffs cycle in warped repetitions.

'Malignant Gravitational Presence' introduces some more melodic facets albeit in transitory passages, these gossamer threads of tune slithering among the colder feel of the main body of the track.USBM it may well be but this work seems to share more similarities with material created by Scandinavian and European acts than either of the main black metal styles currently holding court in the North American regions.The vocals here are sinister and sibilant and to me very pleasing for the type of music swirling hypnotically around them.Part way through the tracks mood undergoes a shift which sees a Celtic Frost like swagger come sauntering in, slower than the previous flash of wrath and one that borders on laidback thrash.

Industrial vibes puncture a mechanical spike through some of the other tracks, most prominently during the space age flurry of '(Machinery Of The) Bleeding Platinum Vortex'.Its one of the most melodic of all the songs this one, and subdues the aggressive elements somewhat in favour of mystical programming, weird ambience and cyber metal sounds, occasionally reminiscent of Red Harvest in a pensive state of mind.Again the voice sizzles with a blackened grate and though laden with demonic tones all lyrics are completely understandable and audible which makes a refreshing change from some of the garbled gibberish being passed off as vocals by an array of other talent stunted acts.

'Extinction Level Event' wanders into thrashy type territory, tossing out a handful of excellent riff patterns with squealing whammy bar plunges and tremolo frost battling against harsh vocals and wicked guitar speeds.Slower patches of deeper riffery instil a nice sense of menace and wailing leads struggle to push out and over the claustrophobic fat weight of the tracks motion.

The demos finale is eight and a half minute epic 'Other Colder Hells'.Hosting a variety of tempos it is at first thrash like and emphatic with an onslaught of percussive rattle and glowering vocals, spinning a weave of thin fragments of melody through its structures.These melodic inflections persist during the entire running time of the song, often stamping a stronger authority on the instrumentation when being flung out in long angular lines and at other times being appropriately pulled back to allow the cold raging freeze to flourish and expand.The mid section grinds out in a unhurried marching procession of sound where hellish vocals abound spitting out more of the intelligent and profound lyrics we've become accustomed to hearing from Vyrmn by this stage.

Theres none of the hollow posturing and Satanic imagery heavily relied upon by the grimmer than thou hordes located in these works, these are visions of vast universe sprawls and apocalyptic cyber futures delivered as potently as any hail to dark gods and the like.

More than a simple black metal act churning out raucous offerings just for the sake of it Vyrmn is extreme music for the thinking soul.[2012] is not a flawless creation, it is a debut recording after all but by that same token it is a pretty damn good one.Expanding these concepts and musical abilities into a full length album is something I fervently hope Vyrmn pursues.

Track Listing

1. Time/Space (Per)version
2. Malignant Gravitational Presence
3. (Machinery Of The) Bleeding Platinum Vortex
4. Extinction Level Event
5. Other Colder Hells

Robert Ashley III-All music, lyrics, artwork and concepts

Written By Jamie Goforth©2008 BlackMetalJim
Reprinted with the kind permission of Mr. J. Goforth

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Vyrmn - "[2012]" EP complete

[2012] EP is finally finished and streaming from the post below. The 1st official review can be viewed by clicking the link below...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nearing Completion

The fifth and final track "Other Colder Hells" from the forthcoming Vyrmn "[2012]" EP is now available for streaming. Complete EP details to follow shortly...